Saturday, September 3, 2011

Final Adjustments

 This one needed a little more umph, so I gave it an embroidery face lift.
 I finished this one to look like the example with a slight variation.
 Here they are all together - ready for their debut.
 In response to the modeling request, I was able to get Hayden to play along.  What do you think?  Too tall?
Here's the original.  Very cute, but flat.

Overall, I think the key to the whole project is to learn to make the headband piece.  The decoration is up the the individual and what they are comfortable with.  I think there are plenty of samples to give people a jumping off point.

P.S.  I would wear the tall one!


  1. Not too tall at all! They are all so cute! Love them! Great job!

  2. Hahaha... What a sport!!! I think it's just right. I saw a bunch of HUGE flowers on little girls today at church. I don't think there is a limit when it comes to "cute."