Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm Not Flat

Oops.  They said it was too  tall and would anybody want to wear that on their head?
Hmmmm, a very good question.  So today I went flat (kind of goes against my grain, but I'm capable of following instructions).

So here's flat.
I made this one today from wool and I used one of the antique buttons from my stash.
 I decided to try in-between for the next one.  Plus I wanted to see what I could do with ribbon.
 And I've been wanting to use these buttons from an old sweater.
 These little flowers are neither flat nor tall, so now I've got an example of each.
I don't know, which one would you be more comfortable wearing - flat, medium or tall?
Tomorrow I'm going to finish this one.  Got to pick up some thread to match the taffeta.  If Hobby Lobby doesn't have it I will have to visit my little quilt shop.  Honestly I've tried to avoid it all summer.  I can't seem to control myself when I'm there.  Wish me luck.

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  1. Question... would your boys ever be willing to model a head band? I'd like to see them on an actual head. ;) I can't judge whether it's to tall or not.