Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween, Anyone?

Today was our first real autumn day.  It has been over 90 degrees (usually over 100 degrees) until today.  We had a storm come in and cool things off.  Got me thinking about fall and, of course, Halloween.  So I went in search of the pictures I took last year of my front entryway.  Nothing.  Now I'm not sure I took any pictures.  Wow, I am really lame.

Last year, I spray painted all my pumpkins black and they were pretty great.  They rotted a little quicker, but they really made a statement.  I mostly did it because I was cheap and pumpkin prices were through the roof, so I bought the plain old round, orange pumpkins on discount and spray painted them.

I checked out some of Martha's ideas and I really liked her Celestial Pumpkins.  Wouldn't they be cool in sparklie black?  I think I feel another paint project coming on.


  1. Wait a minute... are you talking plastic pumpkins? Because I have some that I bought after Halloween to do something with. We will need pictures for sure.