Friday, September 23, 2011

A Little Friday Adventure

 I started out the day at the Boosterthon.
I was able to get a picture of Hayden and his friends.  Henry avoided the camera entirely.  Beautiful weather and the rest of the day FREE!  After the activity, I decided to help out Miss Ashley and visit the opening of a new store in McKinney.  Understand, this is quite a sacrifice to go down on the old Town Square where there are shops and shops of beautiful and fabulous things!  Ashley, I'm doing this for you.  Unfortunately, I was met with  . . .
and this!  Crap - it's Oktoberfest!  It's already hard enough to find parking down here without all the added confusion.  Ok, calm down - this is for Ashley.
 A few shops and a pair of shoes later I found it!
 Ok, going to the door and inside I find . . .
 Kendi and Bryan!
 They listened to my whole crazy lady story of coming down on the square to help my niece and blah blah - and they still let me take their picture. And a few more.
Isn't the shop great?  I did find a dress that I really wanted, but I'm too fat for it now.  I promised Kendi and Bryan that I would be back in three weeks (after some serious working out) when I will hopefully be able to zip it up properly.  They agreed.
 So, I didn't score at Bloom, so I went and drowned my sorrows at my favorite treat shop.  Mom & Pop Candy and Popcorn Shop.  Love, love, love this place.  It is an old time candy shop.  I never leave empty handed.  (I guess I'll be visiting Kendi and Bryan in six weeks).
 I went across the street to one of my favorite shops - EVER.
 Everything is Frenchesque.  Some of their Christmas goodies.
 Love these ribbon roses.  
They have tons of French linens.  This bedding is precious.
I grabbed a sandwich at this fabulous little eatery and headed home.  Good-bye, Oktoberfest!  Thanks for almost ruining Ashley's adventure.  I guess I'll just have to go back when the streets are clear again.

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  1. YAY! I'm so glad you went. Thank you thank you. Seriously. This is almost as good as going myself. Someday we will go there together.
    p.s. I hope you get the dress! i'm sure it's gorgeous because Kendi has awesome taste, and so do you.