Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Time

When the temperatures hit 105 degrees plus and lasted FOREVER, I had to let the front yard go.  Nothing would grow.  We were restricted with our watering due to drought conditions, so before we started traveling at the end of June, I pulled everything out of every pot that sat on our front porch.  They ivy was already frying and I couldn't even get lantana to sprout.  So, we were barren and plantless all summer.

I have been thinking about Halloween the last few weeks and coming up with a new scheme for our entryway.  We have always done cutesie Halloween because of the boys, but last year they objected.  They are not little anymore.  I took a year off.  No Halloween decorations, plus Halloween fell on Sunday, etc., etc.

We all got renewed energy this year and we set aside a little budget to get some new Halloween things.  We've got some plans to re-purpose a few old things and to make a more spooky Halloween theme.

Tomorrow I'm going to Home Depot to get some paint to re-paint the front door.  The sun has really faded it.    It needs a pick-me-up.  We scoured the stores and the internet for a great wreath idea, but came up with nothing, until we came across the Grandin Road catalog.  Our "wreath" arrived today and it is happening.
You know it's good when Henry allows himself to be photographed.

What do you think?  A Hallo-winner?

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  1. I wish I was going to be able to trick or treat at your house this year! That is awesome! Is there going to be scary music playing too? I hope so.