Monday, September 12, 2011

Surprised in Houston

We had a great time in Houston.  As we were leaving on Friday morning, Henry said, "Mom, I hope you and Dad have a nice Marriage Reunion."  I explained to him it was called an Anniversary.  He said he knew that, but, because we were going out of town for it, he thought it was some sort of reunion.  Hilarious.

Anyhoo, we ate like pigs and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  Best Marriage Reunion we've ever had.
 No Marriage Reunion would be complete without our favorite cupcakes.
We limited ourselves to three - of course, we really wanted three each.  Restraint, my friends, restraint.
BTW, them walking shoes just got a little snugger.

The first surprise in Houston is that I more than liked every restaurant Martin chose.  He even got me to eat Greek.  I would cut my arm off for another piece of the baklava.

The second surprise came when I was visiting my little quilt shop, The Quilt Emporium.  Someone happened to mention the Quilt Show.  Quilt Show - what Quilt Show?  Well, you know what I did on Saturday.  Seriously, the Quilt Show was only three blocks away from our hotel, so while Martin did some business, I did some business of my own.  Take a look at these beautiful quilts.

This little gal worked at the show.  It's hard to see the detail on this quilt, but she asked us if we wanted to see the back of it.  She put on those little white gloves and then lifted the edge and showed us the back.  Too cute.  
There were so many more that were absolutely beautiful.  I basically ran out of battery at a certain point.

The show was great, the food was awesome and the company sweet.  I'll be back tomorrow with the spoils from the trip.


  1. Happy Marriage Reunion! Glad you had a great time!

  2. WOW! Those quilts are amazing. I'm a little confused about the Marriage Reunion thing... but I'll go with the flow.