Thursday, October 6, 2011

Haunted Bird House?

We are not painting pumpkins until Saturday morning.

The weather is uncooperative - and I need a few more pumpkins.  Sad, I know, but I have a need for more pumpkins and it must be appeased.
In the meantime I have been looking at this birdhouse that was purchased at Canton last Friday.  I had seen this post and thought it would be a cute idea to run to Joann's and buy some dollar birdhouses and make a little village to go across the dining room table, or the fireplace mantle.  Anyhoo, I hadn't found a home for this yet (as it had been full of crickets that kept popping out).  Working out a time to drive to Joann's was not happening.  Joann's is quite a ways from me, so a trip there has to be planned.  This morning as I was moving my new birdhouse the thought struck me that this birdhouse is much spookier looking than those little dollar Joann ones.  Hmmm - I have other larger, interesting birdhouses around my house.  I'll put some thought to this and see what can be put together tomorrow and I may not have to go to Joann's after all!

Stay Tuned . . . 

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