Saturday, November 19, 2011

Quilt Story

 So, here is the little quilt store I had to pass up last Wednesday.  It is on an old main street in Wills Point, TX.
 Their Santa panel was so cute.
 Even their mailbox was cute.  
I didn't even get to go inside.  Sniff, sniff.
 Don't feel too sorry for me.  On Friday I was able to attend a lecture class at my favorite quilt store, Happiness . . . is Quilting!
 This is Carol Staehle who co-authored a great book where all of these quilts are displayed.
 Carol and her co-author, Betsy Chutchian, run reproduction quilt exchanges with women from all over the country.
 They set the rules and the women make the blocks and these two put together one or two quilts with the blocks that come back to them. 
 They stick to 19th century reproduction quilts, determining color, year and pattern.
 I was really taken by all the different quilts they brought.  Amazing.
 I think the "cheddar" quilts were my favorite.

I had to cut out a little early - pick up the rug rats from school.  It's gotten colder out and they're fighting head colds.  We're off all of next week for Thanksgiving break.  I feel a Harry Potter marathon coming on.

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