Friday, November 18, 2011

This and That

1.  Henry and Martin went to 5th Grade Camp on Wednesday.  They were thrilled that Martin was chosen to be a chaperone.

2.  Hayden's friend Steven came to stay with us on Wednesday because his parents went to Belgium.

3.  I had plans to clean out two closets and start setting up Christmas decorations (I know - it's gross to start this early).

4.  While Christmas music was playing, I received a call from Nurse Martha saying that Henry had just arrived at camp and had a 101.5 fever.

5.  Rats!  Foiled again!

6.  I drove two hours to Sky Ranch in Van, TX to pick-up Henry and Martin. (Mind you, I am not supposed to be sitting for long periods on my recently stitched bottom.)

7.  The drive took me through the backroads of Texas.  I saw many interesting things:
a.  chickens, black chickens everywhere.
b.  people putting up Christmas decoration in every little town I drove through (I'm not alone).
c. beautiful gardens (flower and vegetable) everywhere.
d.  the most delightful garden art I have ever seen - a fully dressed mannequin  standing in the middle of he vegetable patch sporting fall colors of orange and black.  (I'm sure she'll be wearing red and green soon.)
e. fabulous fall leaves.

8.  No time to take photos - I'm coming to the rescue!

9.  On the way back from camp, we stopped in a quaint little town, Wills Point, TX for some Subway.  We found parking nearby right in front of a fabulous quilt shop. (Of course we did, but I couldn't go in - we grabbed out footlongs and bolted.)

10.  Henry is home now and resting.  His fever got as high as 102.5.  He has a virus.  Should be better in a few days.

11.  Hayden and Steven feel thwarted.  They had big plans to take over the house while the other two were gone.  Now they have to walk around whispering while Henry sleeps and change rooms when he enters.

12.  Miss Marlena is having a great time at McKinney Trade Days today (mini-Canton) while I attend to the sick ones - Martin is now under the weather.

13.  Mom is coming for Thanksgiving!  We are picking her up at the airport on Tuesday.  House will be in order by then.  Promise.


  1. Never a dull moment! I am glad Mom is going to your house for Thanksgiving, have a great time!

  2. Life! Hopefully by the time Thanksgiving rolls around you'll be sitting pretty. Literally. ;)