Wednesday, December 28, 2011

God Bless Us Everyone

Well, Tiny Tim and I stayed home today as ordered by his doctor.  Hayden has had a recurring pain in his knee that they can't identify - well, they know it happened when he took a spill on his dirt bike.  They are thinking that it is coming from his hip, so no weight on the hip for a week.

We did, however, leave the house to go to an appointment I had this afternoon.  We decided to take pictures of all the cool cars we saw along the way.  I mean, this is Dallas, right?  Who doesn't drive a cool car in this town?  (We were actually hoping to catch a glimpse of the yellow Lamborghini that we have seen speeding through McKinney the last few weeks.)
 We followed this guy for quite some time.  If I sold my house and bought this for Martin, I'm certain we would be moving to a mobile home park - but we would have the nicest wheels in the neighborhood.
Hayden is in love with these little Fiats.  Our neighbor's parents drove in from St. Louis in one of these and parked next door to us for a week.  Hayden died.
We parked next to this convertible Jaguar and while taking it's picture, we missed a fabulous Porsche and vintage Mercedes.  We may have to stake out this parking garage again.

All this car photography has inspired me.  I'm thinking one of these might go on my wish list.

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