Sunday, January 8, 2012

Good Day - Bad Day

 Saturday started out great.  The boys did their chores on time, so we went out for lunch to In-n-Out Burger.  Next, we went to the AT&T Store to get my new phone (my Christmas gift).  We caught a glimpse of this Lotus as we were leaving the store.  Fortunately I got my camera out in time or I would have been on the boys' black list.
 For dessert, we drove to Dallas for cupcakes.  Martin had a Christmas gift card he wanted to use.  We decided to take them to go as the boys were getting tired.
 This is the view from behind the tow truck that picked us up after the pick-up in front of us lost it's big plastic mattress cover that flew straight up and then dive-bombed under our car.  Within seconds it wrapped around our exhaust pipe, melted, then wrapped up the CV joint nearby.  The noise was incredible.  We limped to the side of the freeway and called Roadside Assistance.  We couldn't fit in the cab of the truck, so we got towed sitting in our car to the garage.  Mind you, this was approximately a one hour ordeal.  We had to call a friend to get a lift home as the service depart at the dealership had closed at 5:00pm and we could't get a loaner.  Arrived home around 6:00pm, ordered pizza and wings and . . .
let the boys play with mom's new smart phone and tab to unwind and take their minds off the bad part of the day.  Holy cow, they figured out in about 20 minutes what will take me the next three months to get the hang of.

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  1. Wow! I am glad you guys weren't hurt! What a crazy thing to have happen to you!