Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Leather Gloves and Chocolate Cookies

 Ok, so how did we get from here . . .
to here?

Henry got new leather gloves from his dad for Christmas.  He had wanted leather gloves for a long time.  Let's just say he loves them

This morning when he went to put them on to go to school, there was only one in his backpack.  He has lost several things lately and gets really mad at himself when it happens.  Needless to say, he was extremely upset with himself for losing his glove.

I was supposed to get a pedicure today, but I knew my sweetheart was feeling sad, so I made him some chocolate sugar cookies and took him out of school during his lunch hour and we went to Panera Bread for lunch instead. (they have AWESOME mac and cheese).

I gave him his cookies and then took him back to school.  He still can't find the glove, but he was feeling better when he got home from school.  Having a few more cookies didn't hurt either.

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