Thursday, February 23, 2012

Down on the Farm

 I know what you all are thinking.  You have eaten or prepared potatoes 100 different ways.  Baked, boiled, fried, hash-browned, twice-baked, funeraled and a million others ways.  But have you ever considered using potatoes as a centerpiece?  Apparently, our wolf scouts did.  The 8-year olds are always in charge of the centerpieces at the Blue and Gold Banquet.  It is one of their requirements.  I'm thinking some of these would be great at your next gathering.  These two could easily be used at a wedding luncheon.  The possibilities are endless.
 This is a cowboy roping a steer.  He's even wearing a pistol.
 Odd friends.
 Rock star and alien.
 Mr and Mrs. Potato Head.  Love the earrings, sister.
 Pirate guy, and
Curly haired cowboy dude.

Ok, now on to the cakes!
 There were about 15 cakes and 6 prizes were awarded.
 The categories are:

Most Colorful
Best Theme 
Most Resourceful (scout word of the month)
Most Creative
Most Tasty Looking
Boys All Around Favorite 
 This cake didn't win a prize, but I give it an A+ for Most Flies on a Cowpie Cake
 This one won Most Resourceful.
 This mom and I apparently read the same website.
 This one won Most Tasty Looking.
 This one just scared people away with the crazy chicken.
 This not-so-down-on-the-farm cake won Most Creative.
 I'm sure this one tasted good.
 This one won Most Colorful.
This one arrived late, so he didn't get many votes, but I think it is a great looking barn.

And finally,
This masterpiece won Best Theme Cake!  The boys were so proud.  I was just proud that they did most of the work.  Good job, guys.  You are awesome!


  1. Congratulations! Henry and Hayden did a fantastic job!

  2. Those are the cutest cakes ever and what a fun theme... who would have thunk?