Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's a Celebration

 Three days ago, it was my one-year Bloggaversary.  It dawned on me today as I was preparing to make the cakes for the boys' cake decorating contest for the Blue and Gold Banquet.  Last year's Blue and Gold was one of my first posts.  Anyhoo, got my trusty postal scale out.  Doesn't everybody use a postal scale when they make cakes?
 Took the boys to the grocery store after school to pick up the much needed items for our "farm cake".  It's our theme this year:  Down on the Farm.  So easy to work with.
 I scoured the web and came up with something the boys could do mostly on their own.  Frosting the base cakes was my biggest contribution.  It is supposed to be a Father/Son competition, but our Father is out of town on a business trip.  I am doing minimal and letting them do the rest.
 Sara Lee dropped by to help.  Her pound cake will be the barn.
 We're off to a good start.  The boys put the licorice on the barn and I put the Fruit Roll-ups on the silo.  They did the rooftops and we collaborated on the fence.  It's all very free form.
 Henry frosted all the cupcakes, while Hayden applied all the personality.  Here are our pigs.
 The sheep are my personal favorite.
 What's a farm without cows?
They insisted on a pond out front and we found some old tractors.

Stay tuned for the actual event tomorrow night.  Henry is getting his Arrow of Light and hopefully we will do well in the contest!

P.S.  Thanks for celebrating my Bloggaversary with me.  That's what the cake is really for.  Right.

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  1. On behalf of all of us farm cousins, you can tell Henry and Hayden that we are very proud of this farm cake! :) If I were the judge, you'd win the prize! Very impressive and sooo cute! Love it!!