Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday

 It is Fat Tuesday.  They celebrate Fat Tuesday here by putting all of the fat quarters on sale at all of the quilt shops. Ha.  Anyway, it got me out of the house and down to our little Town Square.  It is very difficult to find parking, especially on a spring-like day.  But the parking fairies were helping me.  Not only did I get to park in a regular spot, but I got to park in front of Bloom.  I did not go in.
I decided to get some lunch first at Patina Green. Love.
 They are not just a market and cafe, they sell home goods.  These is some good goods.
 I took my lunch outside.
 I suppose it's very "in" to eat on the main drag and sit on crazy mis-matched antique furniture.
 The owner/chef of our little market/cafe/home good store is classically trained, and I suppose that is why I had a ham panini sandwich on cheddar cheese bread with jalapeno jelly.
 They always give you a homemade cookie with your lunch order - free.  They're nice like that.
Of course, right next door is the Swanky Boutique.  And, of course, I entered at my own risk and resisted many things, but was trapped by the 50% off rack.  I eventually escaped at some point and made it to my quilt shop, Happiness is Quilting, for their fat quarter sale.  Because it's Fat Tuesday.  I did not buy one fat quarter.  I bought some shirting for the new quilt I'm making.  Show-n-tell later.

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  1. BLOOM!!!! I love the owner's blog, Kendi Everyday! I'm afraid that store could do great damage to my plastic, if you know what I mean! You have some really great shopping in your area! But then again, everybody does compared to Blackfoot! haha!