Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Reminder

Some time ago I cleaned out my old cedar chest - you know the one you get when you graduate from high school -the one that gets filled with all the items that are supposed to be part of your new home when you get married .  Well, that ship didn't sail for a very long time, so I carted the cedar chest around with me for years, never looking inside, really.  After so many moves, it  was on its last leg - literally.  There were so many broken pieces, that it had to go to the donation pile.  I did keep everything inside of it and now have many useful items - pillow cases that are pretty random, but are usable, a quilt, baby things and this handmade beauty.
Grandma Barrett - the Vera one - crocheted this many years ago.  I don't even remember it going into the chest.  I was surprised at the vivid colors and (squee!) it works with my living room.  I love it.  Thanks, Grandma B.

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  1. My grandma Blanche made one just like it, my mom has it. Your's has been kept in a time capsule all bright and new looking. Man, how I miss those fabulous ladies... our grandma's.