Friday, February 3, 2012

New Projects

I bought a yard of this fabric some time ago.  The boys insisted I make something for them right away.  Yeah, I'll get right on that.  Surprisingly, I had an idea around Christmastime on how I could stretch the one yard into a project.  I started some quilts for them.
 I decided on a simple block quilt.  I had also decided that I wanted to use only fabrics that I had on hand.  My stash is pretty girly, so I dug deep.  I have a pile of old clothes that I drew from.
 A pair of Martin's old pajama pants.
Martin's old Wranglers.  I used some old pillow cases and anything that worked.
I started putting borders on yesterday and will have a finished product soon!
 I started playing with these fun fabrics this morning.
 I'm making a gift for someone.  Watch your mailboxes - it might be you.
Lastly, I'm playing catch-up from Christmas.  I had intended to make Christmas pillows, but I wanted customized embroidery on them. My embroiderist (my friend Angie) was extremely busy over the holidays, so rather than complicate things, I decided to wait.  I'm hoping to meet with her next week.  Isn't this apple green taffeta yummy?

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