Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Alford Inn, Van Alstyne, TX

Last October, Martin had some work to do in Houston.  I went with him.  We kind of considered it an anniversary trip.  There happened to be a quilt show in Stafford - within two miles of our hotel.
I went, I shopped, I made out like a bandit.
 While I was there, I met Cindy, who owns the Alford Inn in Van Alstyne, Texas.  That, my friends, is only 20 minutes north of where I reside.  She was demonstrating her long arm quilting machine at the show, and since I am in need of a long arm quilter, I arrived here this afternoon.
This old church, First Baptist to be exact, is right across the street.  Funky.
Sorry.  Got distracted.  Anyhoo, 
 Her shop was lovely inside.  I love this old washing machine full of remnants.
 This old cupboard is full of Christmas stuff.
She has a great fireplace, but the coolest thing about the Alford Inn is that it is an inn.  They have quilt retreats here.  What a great place to gather with sisters and friends for a weekend of quilting.  It's been tickling my brain.  Anyone else?
Cindy and I made a plan for the boys' quilts, so I guess I'll be back in a few weeks to pick them up.  I was in a hurry today, so not much time to shop.  I'll have to save my pennies for next time.


  1. Oooh! What a fun place! You will have to take me there when I come in September!