Friday, March 2, 2012

Nearly There

Remember this?  I have finished the quilt tops for Henry & Hayden.  I got the borders on last week.
 I spent some time this afternoon clipping all the threads.  I am planning on trying a new place for the quilting process and they charge $25.00 per quilt to clip the threads.  I think not.
When I finished, I packed them into my bag and was ready to head off to Van Alstyne to get the job done.  I went to the linen closet to get the soft, old red flannel sheets that haven't been used for awhile.  I was planning on using them for the backing.  They were gone.  I vaguely remember using them to cover furniture during our construction phase last summer.  That whole experience is a blur.  I must have thrown them away when the job was done.  They were old.
I will have to postpone my road trip until tomorrow.  I must have backing!  I headed off to Tuesday Morning hoping to find some discounted flannel sheets.  No such luck.
I did find these navy blue king soft cotton sheets for less than $50.00.  Considering it will cost me around $200.00 for yardage at the quilt store, I think we will try these.

Tomorrow:  Road Trip!

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