Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Its Easy to Disappear

Ok, here's the update:

Last Friday, we took a day off from the house thing because our buyers said they needed the day to prepare the "fix-it" list from the inspection.  BTW the inspection produced no large or structural problems, so it would be just small things.

Late that night, we received the list from our buyers with a million nit picky things that they wanted fixed or we could reduce the price of the house.  What?  We have already reduced the price for them twice because they whined about things.

Martin got back to them and said he would fix everything on the list.
Apparantly, this is not what they wanted to hear.

Saturday, we met with the people we are buying our house from to sign a contract.
After our signing meeting, we received an email from our buyers stating that they no longer had an interest in our home - it wasn't the right fit.  No hard feelings.  Huh?

Here's the interesting part.  They knew that we were signing a contract on our new home that day.  Here's the funny part.  They think we need them to buy our house to be able to purchase our new home.  We don't.  Fortunately we have enough money in the bank as we have planned on this move for several years.  We just felt it best to sell our house first.  We can carry both homes if we need to.  We decided not to worry about it and just get the house ready to list on the open market.  We made arrangements with our realtor to list by the 19th.  We immediately signed a form and sent it to them that would release their earnest money back to them.

We got through Saturday and Sunday without having to worry about our flip-flop buyers.  It felt great.
Late Sunday night, we got call from the flip-floppers saying they were ever so sorry and wanted back in.  I think they thought they had us over a barrel when they backed out and that we would cave to their demands for a reduction.  I told Martin that I was not interested in letting them back in on the deal.  Man, that was an awful night.  By Monday morning, we had re-written the contract requiring more hoops for them to jump through if they backed out again.  

It seems things are back on track.  Our new home should close on the 26th, and we should be done with this one on April 6th.  I have been packing boxes the last several days.  The boys are home on Spring Break and it has rained nearly every day, so they have not been able to go with Dad dirt biking.  Bummer.

I will be disappearing for the next little while as I am packing up my sewing room and kitchen as well as all other creative outlets that I have.  I am pretty much limited to staying home at this point.  Well, there goes birthday month.  Sigh.

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  1. I will miss your posts. Good luck with your packing, moving and the flip floppers. I hope all goes well.