Friday, March 16, 2012

Birthday Carnage

It has been such a crazy couple of weeks that Martin apologized in advance for the lack of fanfare surrounding my birthday.

Personally I had the best birthday ever.  I got to share the day with my three boys - not like we usually do, but we spent the day together.

We packed boxes in the morning and met dad for birthday lunch at my favorite restaurant, Pappadeaux.
 We had devoured dessert before I remembered to take any pictures.  Here's what's left of my creme brulee.
 This was the biggest piece of double layer brownie cake with chocolate chips, pecans and caramel I have ever seen.  I thought we would be sharing, but the boys had it gone before I even had the chance.
 Martin had made arrangements for the waiter to put a candle on my creme brulee, but he forgot.  When he remembered, it was too late, so he brought me some whipped cream with a candle.  Hmm.  At least he tried.
 This was in the mail when I got home.  My friend Phyllis sends me the best cards every year.  Totally cracked me up.  Thanks, Phyllis!  Made my day.
 I got my yearly grocery store cake from the boys.  They are always so yummy.
I even got to eat my piece on the birthday plate.  In the midst of all this chaos I had lots of love from the ones I love the most.  Smile.

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  1. I think I need a drink of water after devouring that blog. I probably gained weight just reading it.