Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What a Day

Ok, details.  About three weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a friend at school who has a daughter in Henry's class.  She substitutes a lot.  I volunteer.  Anyway, she was telling me how her family was currently in an apartment because their house (which had been on the market for.ev.er.) had finally sold and they had yet to find their new home.  They wanted to downsize (their previous home was a monster) as their oldest was heading off to college this fall.  There weren't having any luck finding a home that would fit their needs/wants.  They also didn't want to disrupt their remaining child (the 5th grader) and wanted to stay in the neighborhood.  I mentioned several of the homes near me that were for sale, then jokingly told her to come look at my house because we have often wished we could sell our home and find our "dream" home.

 I talked to Martin that evening and asked him what price he would let the house go for.  He gave me a number.

Next week at the Valentine's party, I approached her and told her that Martin was serious and gave her the price and she asked if she could come take a look.  She came on the following Tuesday.  She returned with her husband and daughter on Saturday.  The haggled a big, but came back the next Saturday with their tape measures.  They called me early in the afternoon and said they would take it.  We received the contract the next day.

Our inspection is tomorrow and they have given their notice to their apartment complex.  They would like to move in by March 30th!  That is no problem, but we really don't want to go to an apartment.  At the same time, we don't want to make the same mistake as we did when we bought this house.  We move a little quickly and settled for a great house, but not the perfect one.

Today, we drove around five different areas that we have been curious about.  We came to the conclusion that we still like McKinney the best.  Our realtor had shown us two houses yesterday.  They were both awesome, but a little high priced.  We made an offer on one of them about an hour ago (very low) and we will see if they accept.  I have appointments to look at homes tomorrow just in case.  Everything is up in the air.  Hopefully the inspection will pass - if not, there is no deal all around.

More news tomorrow.

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