Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Eve

We have been scurrying all day to unpack as many boxes as we can.
Everyone has been working really hard except this guy.
 We got new couches for the living room, but the Dish installers decided to use them as their work area.  Did I mention they arrived at 8:00am?  Hello - it's Saturday, not to mention Easter Eve.
 Unpacking the kitchen has been difficult.  I can't seem to find the glasses or silverware.  We've re-washed the same spoon about 10 times.
 I am desperately trying to find the box with the Easter baskets and plastics eggs in it.  I still have one believer and he understands that the Easter Bunny only uses baskets that we leave out for him.  I was threatened as I tucked him in tonight.  I am to stay up until midnight and find those baskets!
 Our master bedroom has a box - somewhere - with Martin's sweats and pajamas.  For the love of Pete, where is it?
 I got Martin focused on his office and off the pj's.
 Went looking for the boys.  They are supposed to be putting away their clothes and books.
 My guess is they have found an alternative plan.
 Do I know my children or what?  By the way, I got yelled at for turning on the light.  Really?
I can't even step foot in the garage.
Come on.  Am I the only one working here?  It's Easter Eve, People.  Let's find those baskets!

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  1. That is funny! I hope you found the baskets.