Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let's Avoid Number Three

So, we're in the new house in a new neighborhood assigned to a new school.  I was able to keep the boys in their current school until the end of the year.  The new thing is that I now have to drive them to the old school every morning.  They have been bike riders for years.  This has really put a cramp in my day.

Do you know that more policemen are out at 8:00 in the morning than any other time of the day?  I have found this to be true as I am usually a mid-day to late afternoon driver.  I think the 8:00am policemen must be morning people and really excited to do their jobs.  For example, when I got pulled over yesterday morning on the way back to the new house,  he got me for my overdue inspection tag.  I guess I was supposed to have the car inspected last December.  He didn't buy the explanation that I thought I had until this November.  This is the way I see the numbers from my drivers seat:

11 12
(except the 2 is turned the other way)

From his point of view it looks like this:

12 11

Yeah, he couldn't accept that I was just stupid. I got the ticket.

So this morning when I got pulled over again - with the boys in my car - I just hoped the police officer would be a little more forgiving on us dumb people.

He asked me if I was aware that I was in a school zone.  A school zone?  Holy cow.  I gave him the "new neighborhood" routine and I think the fact that my hair was sticking three ways to heaven and I was still wearing my slippers and my Elvis's birthday bash t-shirt convinced him that I was just nuts and he gave me a second chance.  When he came back from checking my license, he asked, "Did you get a citation yesterday for the same infraction?"  Then I had to explain to him that, "No, I don't always speed through school zones, I'm just dyslexic and can't read my car tags like normal people do.  He laughed and let me go.

They say all bad things come in threes.  Maybe I'll convince Martin to drive the boys to school tomorrow.

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