Monday, May 21, 2012

Bring on the Power Nap

I have been flat on my back for over a week now.  I thought I had a minor occurrence in my lower back, but it has turned into something major.

I had to return to my back doctor and thank goodness, after an MRI, he found a beautiful little tear in one of my disks.  I am going in for back injections tomorrow morning.

The boys thought they would show their concern with this beautiful cake.  It is much appreciated.  They recently watched The Hulk and when I told them I had to get injections, they freaked out because they think I am getting a Bruce Banner sized injection - two foot long needle, two inches across.  Fortunately I am not the Hulk and my needle will be miniscule in comparison.  I am looking forward to the power nap that accompanies the shots.  The whole procedure really only takes about five minutes, but that anesthetically induced coma along with the pain relief is all worth it.

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