Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 We were awakened this morning at 3:00am to a lovely - and loud - thunderstorm.  It lasted awhile.  There was a 30 minute window this morning where I thought the storm was over.  Not so.  It rained all day and I have never seen so much lightning.

I ran errands all morning and got my feet wet.
1.  Bank
2.  Gas
3.  Valley Creek Elementary (Hayden's new school, just to make sure they had him on their records - they didn't)
4.  Jenny Lynn's to get fabric for my bathroom window curtain above the bathtub.  Trust me, this has gone on long enough with the neighbors getting a peep show.
5. Mom & Popcorn Shop (had to get the candy fix)
6.  McDonald's
 7.  Hayden's End of Year Celebration - 
He did an awesome job singing with the other third graders - although he confided in me that one of the songs was "stupid" and nobody liked it.
8.  After school, took Henry to swimming
9.  Should have gone to the middle school to pick up Henry's bassoon, but the school was under security lock down due to a bomb threat - no explosion, so I guess I'm going tomorrow.
10.  After dinner, I sat down with Martin to just watch TV briefly before the next wave.  Henry came in and announced that Hayden was hurt - he had just crashed on his bike.
He was hurt.  Scraped the skin off his right elbow and knee.  Blood everywhere.  I put him to bed early with an ibuprofen.
11.  Henry to Scouts
12.  Grocery store for ice cream for third grade party tomorrow

As Scarlett would say, "Tomorrow is another day."

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