Friday, May 11, 2012

More Mother's Day

Last night we went to the boys' piano recital.  They did exceptionally well.  We were very proud.  There are no pictures or I would share.  One of the reasons I will not be receiving Mother of the Year is due to the fact that my camera battery seems to run dry just as I need to take a picture of one of my children doing something momentous.

I do have an appropriate Mother's Day video to share.  Our Stake President is an orthodontist and he sent out Mother's Day wishes to all of his patients' mothers.  Our boys don't have braces yet, but one of our friends does.  She just happened to forward his sentiments along to us.  I thought it was good enough to share with you all - again, Kleenex.


Last week, 4 of my sisters flew into town joining the 3 local sisters and kidnapped my mother wisking her away to her childhood home in the country hills of Virginia.  They spent 5 joyful days reliving the childhood of this 72 year old angel of a mother.  As part of this celebration, they presented her with a book of letters written to her.  These letters included friends and acquaintances from her life, her own siblings and particularly special letters from her husband of 50+ years, 10 children, 52 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren.  She will cherish the book for the remainder of her mortal days!

As I was asked to contribute to the book, my mind reverted back to my childhood.  I was the type to come home from school and as soon as I walked through the door I would yell in my loudest voice, "Mom....I'm home!!!"  She would usually call back "I'm in the Kitchen" or the laundry room or the room of so and so where she was diligently laboring.  As a rather self-centered boy my communications would usually end there.  I just needed to know that she was there for me!

My contemplations caused me to marvel at the expanse of her work.  From the day her first child was born in 1959 to the day her last child left the home for college in 1998 she had spent nearly 40 years engaged as a mother.......every day......for forty years!  And I certainly recognize that the child leaving the home does not end the work of a mother.  So how do you express your thoughts and feelings about a mother?  All I can say is that I love her and will always love her. She will always be counted as one of my greatest blessings!

I applaud all mothers!  Yours is a tremendously important work!  You shape the character and the souls of the human race!!  I encourage and cheer all mothers!  This world depends on your goodness and your willingness to work and labor as a mother.  This Mother's Day, and every day, I hope that you are smothered with love, affection and words and actions that demonstrate appreciation for how important you truly are. 

I invite you to watch a very touching commercial aimed at you great mothers!

Please remember, it does not matter how many children or how many years you are a mother or how great the accomplishments of your children.  It is the simple act, day after day after day, of loving, nurturing and teaching a child that makes you great! 

Way to go,'re doing great!!!

Warm regards,

Dr. Meredith H. Packard

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