Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Recent Bargains

This is a new establishment here in McKinney.  I will be honest and say I don't usually shop at clothing thrift or resale shops - not after the B.O. incident two years ago.  Didn't notice the smell until I got the shirt home and it never washed out. NEVER.  Please people, wear deodorant.  Just sayin'

This shop is near one of our quilt shops and right next door to Tuesday Morning.  I noticed the parking lot was packed and quite a crowd going in.  I found out that most of the items have not been worn.  I went inside.  I bought a skirt.
 A little silk/wool French designer skirt.
Yeah. $1.99.  I'll be going back.  I saw tons of Ralph Lauren as well as other name brands.  Good thing I was on a time limit.
 Since I have changed the color scheme of our master bedroom, I have been trying to put things together inexpensively.  Found this lamp at Home Goods on clearance. - $18.00!  Now I need to find the end table for it to sit on.
 I went with Martin to get a new pair of dress shoes for work.  He is a quite particular and is the worst girlfriend I have ever shopped with.  Seriously.  Anyhoo, while I was waiting, the salesman alerted me to the fact that all women's shoes (at the Johnston Murphy Outlet Store) were Buy One Get One Free.  Uh huh.
I determined it was absolutely the right thing to do to purchase these two pair of shoes - both marked down to $50 from $200.  Let's see, one of them is free, so I just got each pair for $25.  Yes, I am fluent in Outlet Store math.
Finally, I got this chandelier at Canton a few weeks ago.  It doesn't look like much, but it was a real steal and I'm going to hang it in the kitchen where it will sparkle and make me very happy. I'm hoping to have it hung by the end of the week.

Hopefully, more to come.

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  1. dear martin,

    since you are the worst girlfriend to shop with ever, i think it's high time i make my way to tx and replace you.

    love all your fantastic finds, janet!