Monday, June 4, 2012

Twilight Camp!

 Today is Cub Scout Twilight Camp.  It is Hayden's second year.  He is going as a Bear. A tradition at camp is to trade Swap-ums - little things the campers make to pin on to their hats.  They trade each other and it always important to have the "hot" item.  Here are some of ours:  a sparkly fleur de lis (the scout emblem),
 a miniature fortune teller,
 two types of paper airplanes,
 little bags of candied popcorn,
and mouths.
 This is Hayden's hat.  The other campers can "shop" his hat and he gives them a copy that he has in a ziploc.  So. Much. Fun.
Everything is kept in this five-gallon bucket with the beautiful artwork.  They carry it around and use it as their "seat" for the evening.  Hayden will be gone all week during the hours of 3:30 and 9:30pm.  Since Martin is out of town, Henry and I will get some bonding time!  Actually, Henry is upstairs watching TV.  He  doesn't seem too excited about bonding time.  Did I mention he's going into middle school?

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