Friday, August 17, 2012

A Moment Please

Our ward just got split.  We only moved in four months ago - then it split.  For some reason there are more inactives than actives in this new boundary.  No big - except that each sister now has to visit teach five gals each month.  Still no big - except that visiting teaching is not just accomplished in an afternoon.  It is like a month-long adventure, then it starts all over again.

Anyhoo, my companion and I went visiting teaching today.  I packed a lunch.  It was necessary.  On our way to the third visit, my companion said, "I hope Marian is finished with the vegetables."  I pretended like I knew exactly what she was talking about.

We arrived at Marian's and I nearly died.  Marian runs a Farmer's Market out of her gigantic, fabulous two-story garage/store house in her back alleyway.  Every Friday.  She takes orders on her website.  She charges wholesale prices.  She goes down to Dallas Farmer's Market every Friday morning at 4:30am to get first pick of all the beautiful fruits and vegetables.  We're talking restaurant quality.

Now go with me for a moment to spud harvest days.  Remember all those 2 inch potatoes that were unacceptable and were either thrown away or used for seed later?  That's what we have in our grocery stores here in Texas.  All of them.  I haven't eaten a good potato really since leaving Idaho.

Marian had real Idaho bakers - for cheap.  I bought them and a pineapple.  And some mushrooms and some corn.  I bought clementines and strawberries.

We had baked potatoes for dinner and I believe there were tears of joy.  A moment of silence please.  For Marian and Marian's potatoes.  Marian, you are my new bff.  For reals.



  1. Oh the blessings of Visiting Teaching.

  2. If only you had some Chiz's ranch to go with that potato you'd be bawling. Hahaha. Simple pleasures.

  3. What an amazing find! Our ward was split also. It is the third time for us in three years.