Saturday, September 8, 2012

Busy Bodies

 This is not the last room I have to put together - there are several more - but it is time.
 All my sewing gear is strewn about it's space and has been undesirable and unusable.
 I needed organization, but have been quite unmotivated.  I decided to pull out an old can of cherry red spray paint and remake this old spool holder.  Spray paint always gets me moving.  Nice.
Henry wanted to help, so we didn't stop there.  I let him spray this old goldy-brown side table.  It found a home in my bedroom.  The lamp will be the next victim.

Sorry - back to the sewing room!
 Our woodworker guy said he could make me a fabulous custom sewing room - and I mean custom.  You should have seen the plans.
 However, I did not want to pay between $5000 - $10,000 to make it happen.  I opted for Target, and Henry couldn't wait to build for me.  He's much cheaper labor, and less than $400 later, my room is coming together.
 Threads.  Check.
Cabinet.  Sewing Table.  Check.  Check.  There is one more cabinet to build and a few odds and ends, but for now I can sew!
I started this a few days ago and hope to finish it today.  It will hang in my bathroom.

Next mission - Henry's bedroom.