Monday, September 17, 2012

We Nailed our Home Evening Activity

I love these nails.  I decided to use them on a little project of mine.
 We've been needing a new Family Home Evening Board for quite some time.  I found this "Family" plaque at Home Goods for $5.99.  Bargain.
 I put everyone's name on their own tag.
 I rounded everyone up for Family Home Evening.  
Such willing participants.
 We got out our favorite sticker book and customized our name tags.
 Our lesson was about building a strong family and how we are all individuals, yet we are working for common goals.  We individualized our name tags, but built the board together.
 This is Henry's.
 This is a little blurry, but Hayden always chooses green.
I just love these stickers!
 Time for these babies to go in.
 Martin and Henry measured and drilled holes for the nails.  Hayden and I tied the ribbons and made the stickers.
 We hung it up on our family picture wall near their bedrooms, so they can be reminded of what their assignment is every week.
The picture wall is almost complete!  One more spot to fill in.  Nothing a Canton trip won't take care of.

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