Saturday, September 15, 2012

Too Cool for School

Henry is now in Middle School - Faubion Midle School to be exact.  Every year, the PTO puts on an afternoon of fun for the new 6th graders to help them learn their way around school and to just show them a good time.  It's called Too Cool for School.

I volunteered to be on the planning committee.  Last time.  For reals.
 Anyhoo, the event started with a pep assembly in the gym with cheerleaders and drill team.

Then the teachers went up against the moms in a toilet paper race.  The idea is to pass around the toilet paper roll and wrap the group up three times.  The group then scoots together toward the finish line racing against the other group.  Here are the teachers.
 Teachers scooting and
 Moms.  Hmmmm.
 The band played and
the crowd cheered.

The students went on a scavenger hunt and ended in the cafeteria where they had a live band and a DJ.  They danced (well, the girls did) and ate sno cones.

It ended just in time to catch the bus.  Fun, fun fun!

Am I really ready for Middle School?  I guess I'll have to be.

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