Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dallas Arboretum

Rochelle and I had a great time during her visit here.  I dropped her off at DFW early this afternoon.  I think we had a memorable experience.
Even though it wasn't hard core shopping, our visit to the Dallas Arboretum was one of my favorite things.
 Martin's company, Texas Instruments, is an Arboretum sponsor, so for the months of September and October, the employees can bring guests in for free. 
 Martin came and got us in the front door. He couldn't help himself.  He had to check out the Porsche Panamera parked at the entrance.
 If you thought you were the queen of decorating with pumpkins, you've been dethroned.  This is pumpkin month at the Arboretum and they have got it going on.
 It is 66 acres of pure pumpkin display.  The gardens are exquisite, but the pumpkins steal the show.
 We visited a replica of Monet's cottage and decided to take pictures on the bridge.
 Geez, Claude, kinda rude.
 We got to sit in the Cinderella carriage before it turned back into a pumpkin.
 One of many decorated trees.  I would love to do this to my front yard trees, but each of those tiny pumpkins cost a dollar, and I'm just not rich enough.
 I love all the different varieties.  Things I'd never seen before.
 There was even a pumpkin chandelier hanging from this tree.
 Every pathway was lined with pumpkins.
 There is a mansion on the property.  It is the DeGolyer retirement home.
 It is 21,000 square feet.  We weren't allowed to take pictures of the inside, but the library alone was 1700 square feet.  Martin and I's first married home was 1750 square feet.
 There was blown glass art throughout and it added a sparkle.
 The architectural features were fabulous.  Love this arbor.
 Heading back out, they had changed the Porsche display.  Martin had left by this point.  What do you think - black or silver?
 I think this was Rochelle and I's favorite.  The black sweet potato vine growing over the pumpkins gave a real Halloween feel.
Our last look at the Arboretum.
After all that walking we decided to treat ourselves to a little Sprinkles visit.  Yum.

More tomorrow!

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