Monday, October 29, 2012

Final Touches

 Two days and counting and I got Martin to help me place my mirror!  This mirror is Grandma Vera's.  It belonged to her bedroom set.  I have carted it around for nearly 15 years - wrapped up.  I never had a place big enough to display it, so it remained wrapped in padded butcher paper from my move from California to Arizona years ago (before I was married).  I think it is lovely and it will stay put.
 Last minute Target purchase - love.
 Our village had three unfinished pieces and I was able to get one completed - just so little time.  I transformed this little birdhouse into a Grainery.
 Look at these little feed sacks I found at Hobby Lobby - and the brooms!
 It fits right into the neighborhood.
Found this glittery cheese plate at a craft show over the weekend.  It is perfect as my tarantula specimen jar.

Tomorrow is a busy day and will be my last to accomplish final Halloweenness.

Wish me luck!

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  1. The mirror is perfect! I also love the Halloween decorations!