Thursday, November 1, 2012

It Came and Went

 Our Halloween was awesome!  However, several things were left undone and my dreams of Halloween Completeness were not realized.  Sigh.  Why, oh, why, you may ask, were your dreams not fulfilled?  

The answer to that question is that I spent all day Tuesday getting Henry's arm casted again!  Poor guy - he fell off his dirt bike on Monday night and basically had a repeat of his buckle fracture from last year.  Now to worry.  I just had to do triple time on Halloween Day and go with what we had.
We still had our good old Halloween Bowl for candy.
 I saw this fab Halloween tray last minute at the grocery store - $7.00.  Steal.  I had been looking for just the right tray to host my appetizers.
 It was perfect or our Bloody Bandages.
 This red icing was SUPER.  I used it for everything,
including our vampire-bite cupcakes.  I used a red velvet mix - surprisingly good.
 Nice.  They were a hit.  Everyone enjoyed their scabs.
 The earwax went over quite well.
 This was my second new favorite useful item.  I have tried lots of different syrups in the past to make the jell-o spiderweb effect, but they all seem to run a bit.  This held up and made the best web we've had to date.
 And "Thank you" to the family who "Boo'd" us.  The gross plastic spider was perfect for our jell-o.  Yay!
 Our buffet was so much better with our new candelabras with flickering candlelight.  Target, you're the best.
 Salad plates were added this year.  Still looking for the perfect scary napkins.
 The table - just before we sat down.  We had a great meal.
 I think he was even impressed.
And maybe this guy too.

P.S.  This post was not supposed to be totally about me, but my stinking camera battery ran out as I lined the boys up for costume photos.  I really don't think it bothered them.  There's always next year!

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  1. great Halloween table! Looks like you guys had a spooky time!