Thursday, October 25, 2012

Punch. Bowl.

Are there things that really grab you?  For example - I love colanders.  Every time I shop at a kitchen or home store, or even an art show, I seem to see the most fabulous colanders.  I always feel like I need to buy one.  I don't know why, but it is almost overwhelming.  That's why I have limited myself to three:  One Small, One Medium and One Large, or else my house would be overrun with colanders.  It's the same thing with gloves or even platters.  I have a firm limit on platters.  A few years ago, I started seeing punch bowls.  I felt like I should have one.  I nearly bought several, but I kept reminding myself that I would never really need a punch bowl.  I almost caved last year at Christmas.  Super exquisite punch bowl at Home Goods.  I said "no" to myself until someone else finally bought it.

A few days ago, Martin asked me why he always sees new bowls whenever a holiday is near.  What?  Bowls are not one of my things. (Except for some holidays when purchasing an appropriate serving bowl is absolutely necessary.)
 I admit I saw this at Sam's Club and thought it was cute.  The price tag made it even cuter ($14.99)
 I walked right by it.  I don't really DO bowls.  Then I read the instructions.
I knew I was in trouble.

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