Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Curse You Winter Storm

 Miette, I found you at Half-Price Books and thought that I could not live without you,
 Your cakes look sublime and your pages have scallops!
 Your tarts made me cry, not to mention your candies and other tasties.

Well, I was determined to make a Miette cake and as I read the first chapter, it noted that all the Miette cakes are made with 6" pans.  Who owns a 6" inch pan, let alone TWO?

I thought JoAnn could help, and I bought 6" pans from her.  I got home ready to bake and - Ack!.  Miette requires 6" x 3" pans.  JoAnn is obviously not Miette friendly as hers are only 6" x 2".

AMAZON.  They can save me, and since I am Prime, I can have my pans in TWO DAYS!
Today is Tuesday, the day I was promised to receive my Miette-sized cake pans.  I waited alllllll day and . . . nothing.  I guess the gigantic snow storm just north of us has fouled up my "guaranteed 2-day delivery".

No matter, I promised the boys cake, so cake they shall have!

The Winning Hearts and Minds Cake always wins their hearts and minds.  So we made it.
 We thought it was done, but I'm cooking in a new oven, so the bottom was still a little gooey.  Back into the oven it went.
Success after re-entry.
And fabulous topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

Take that MietteAmazonWinterstorm stuff.


  1. Funny! Sorry your pans didn't make it, but this looks delicious!

  2. Okay... I must go find something that will be as delicious in my mouth as this appears.