Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Miette Cake

My pans arrived.  Did I tell you I ordered two of two different types of pans.  One set is a standard shaped layer cake pan with the dimensions at 6" x 3".  The other set is also 6" x 3", but the bottoms are beveled to make dome shaped cakes.  The company name is Fat Daddio's and I am in love.
 I followed the Double Chocolate Cake recipe from the Miette cook book and couldn't wait to get it into the pans.  This was no ordinary cake.  It took some doing.
 They came out beautifully and 
 popped out of the pan into this cute little ball of dome cakedness.
 I decided a glaze would be best rather than a buttercream frosting.  One drizzling pass was not enough.
 I criss-crossed back to make the grid pattern.
 I had originally wanted to make the glaze a raspberry glaze, but I totally got voted down.  My boys are not "berry" boys.  They really hate berries.  I am aghast.
I did throw this strawberry on top to give it a little sweetness.  And that it was.  A sweet little cake that we died for.

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