Tuesday, February 12, 2013

 It rained today.  It was cold.  And foggy.  I went to the temple with Martin over his lunch hour.  We got quit chilled  When he got home this evening, he said he wanted hot chocolate.  It was definitely a hot chocolatey day.  Suddenly, there was weeping and wailing coming from my pantry.  "We have run out of hot chocolate mix!"  So I made some more.
 I love this recipe.  I've posted it before.  I think the hardest part is de-seeding the vanilla beans. (It's really not that hard.)
One of the best parts is adding my favorite cocoa from King Arthur Flour.
Oh, my, there was just enough to make the hot chocolate mix.  Now we're out of cocoa!  I guess I will have to place an order with Mr. King Arthur.  Waaa.  I may have to add some Vanilla Butternut flavoring to my order, and some parchment sheets, and some decorating sugar and about a billion other things from their evil, addicitive store.  So, I'll admit K.A. is my secret crush.  Can you blame me?

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