Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

 New school.  New rules.  Our last elementary school had banned candy and sweets, so valentines were exchanged without the good stuff attached.  
Hayden didn't seem excited about his upcoming Valentine Party, so I didn't get excited either.  He didn't want to take any valentines.  I didn't push.  Then we found out that at this school, candy is permitted, but cannot be eaten in the classroom.  So, last night he decided he wanted to bring treats to his party.  At 7:30pm, I went to Michael's to try and find some treat bags to put a few candy hearts in .  I needed something easy, as time was not my friend.  Ok, so last-minute people are not rewarded with with pretty little red bags with hearts or any other valentine emblems on them.  SOLD OUT is what I got.  Luckily, I happened to find these little Take-out boxes and my mind went to work.
 I had a heart stamp and white ink.
 Stamping two sides of twenty little boxes was relatively easy.
 This was the reason I needed treat bags or something similar - these cute ribbons I had purchased for Hayden from Pick Your Plum.  Favorite. Site. Ever. and I mean EVER.
 The pastels worked pretty well. (Although my camera did not with the terrible lighting.)
 I loaded them with valentiney candy from Target where I nearly got trampled by all the last minute Valentine shoppers.  Seriously, people, I had a legitimate excuse for being out on Valentine's Eve.  What's yours?
 I tied all the ribbons on - very quickly I might add.
 Hayden was quite pleased with the outcome.
And we had one left over to give to Henry.  Awwwww.