Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ranunculus or A Trader Joe's/IKEA Kind of Day

 A few weeks ago, Hayden and I had a Saturday together.  He had a Lacrosse game in Dallas, so, after our Chick-fil-A lunch (a tradition) he agreed to accompany me to a few of my favorite shops that I don't often get to because of distance.  We first went to the Christmas Tree Shops and nearly had a heart attack - STORE CLOSING!  Bummer.  On to the new Trader Joe's.  I was first introduced to Trader Joe's on my mission when I lived in Redondo Beach.  Loved it.  I have not often lived by one since, so when this one opened, Martin and I took a date night there.  Love.  All over again.  Hayden and I found these gorgeous red Ranunculus stems.  We bought some.  Actually, we bought a lot of things.  I am sort of grateful that it is a distance to get there.  However, there is a rumor that they are planning one in Allen - 3 miles from my home. Squee!
 After Trader Joe's, we had to go to IKEA.  I needed to get some frames.  But - as often happens - other things are found.  The AS IS department was overflowing with discounts.  Bargain! $3.00 pitchers.
 The perfect match for my ranunculus!
 Gorgeous . . .
 and gorgeous! 
 I think they look fabulous on the mantle.
 Anyhoo, my other great finds at Trader Joe's was this shelf stable whipping cream,
pecan praline pancake syrup,
 already made, refrigerated pizza dough.  Love this stuff.
 And, the best chocolate chips known to man.  I kid you not.  We even taste tested them again just to be sure and it was consensus here.  They went into our favorite chocolate chip cookies. 
The recipe was given to me by a friend on my birthday.  Along with the Pampered Chef Spatula.  What a great gift.  Priceless.  As was my day with Hayden.  Priceless.

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  1. what a fun day you had. The flowers are beautiful in the pitchers.