Friday, May 3, 2013

Recorded for Proof

 My dining room is under construction and has been neglected since we moved in.  The window is quite small and Martin has boycotted manual labor, so it has sat.
 However about a week ago I was able to lure him into a few home projects.  Here he is hanging my curtain rod.  The project is not near completion.  I am still working on the curtains and hope to have them ready to hang in a week - no more than two.
 I am always amazed at what happens when an area of the house becomes neglected and turns into a dumping ground.  I see mostly Martin's tools for the project and I admit that I put those red ramekins on the table, but . . .
 a toothbrush?  Really?
Just a final shot of Martin's hard day of man-work.  He hung this shelf and moose head in Henry's room.  It is also a work in progress and there will be photos when it is finished!

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