Thursday, May 9, 2013

So, I Stopped Sewing

 A few years ago a friend of mine asked me when I found time to sew.  I told her I tried to do a little bit every day.  Even if that meant only five minutes.  Sewing is one of the things that keeps me connected to myself.  I need to sew.  Something happened when we moved to the new house a year ago.  My sewing room got bigger, I got to storage-ize it to my own specifications.  It is not quite finished, but it is mine and I. Love. It.  Then, why do I find myself avoiding that room?  Why do I stand and stare at everything, but never touch it?  This has gone on for a long time.  I don't have the answer.  Another friend asked me the same thing and I had to figure it out.  I guess this last year has been difficult with my health, the new schools, the new ward, the split-ward-into-the-branch scenario and I guess I've felt a little like I don't know where I belong.  I even lost my desire to BUY fabric.  Yeah.  Scary. Anyhoo, I worked with a friend to make curtains for the new home, but things changed in her life and she had to go back to REAL work, so I have three rooms left in the house with no curtains. I had to take ownership and get to work on the dining room.  It has been very slow, but I found some great ideas online and decided to try the drop cloth curtain thing.  I found a beautiful rose ribbon to embellish with, so I took the first step.  Not yet finished, but I got started.
I also knew I needed to make a gift.  I forced myself to spend an hour in "the room" and found some fabrics that I love and began the project.

I actually felt excited about these two projects and am nearly finished with them, and I want to do more!  Wow, I must have had a break through and I didn't even have to pay for therapy.

I will show you the full projects soon.

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  1. Isn't life funny like that? I hope you find yourself again and again, because you have such a wonderful talent.
    I use to write a lot more but I haven't been able to in the last year, same thing. One of these days.