Monday, July 22, 2013

Susan/Sarah Week - Flea Market and Famous People

 Yeah, I know it seems like I kind of pooped out on the Susan/Sarah updates, but I didn't!  We lost computer access for nearly four days.  I'm lucky I can connect today.  Well, let's get to it.  Susan, Hayden and I were lucky enough to go to the McKinney Trade Days Flea Market.  We scored on some free parking just cuz it was Friday.
 Fun stuff everywhere.  Rolling pins,
 Aqua blue mason jars are "the thing" right now and they cost an arm and a leg, too.
 Old door knobs and irons,
 threads and gumball machines.
 There's a guy who sells zillions of license plates.  It's the first time I've seen foreign ones. They cost a zillion dollars too.
 I was tempted to bring Audrey home with me.
 I thought about these quilts, too.
 Fair food is a must.  We tried the "Texas Tornado" potatoes with hot dogs and frito pie.
 I loved this lady's umbrella.
 The pops of yellow next to the gray quilt caught my eye.
 Susan found a basket of vintage buttons.  They also cost a zillion dollars.
 We had a limited time to shop to make it in time for Sarah's awards show at the WOGA gym.
 Helloooo - Miss Nastia Luikin signing autographs for all the little Nastias-in-training.
And Sarah made a BFF from Atlanta.  Such cute girls.

We left immediately after the awards to go to Henry's Bassoon Camp Concert.  Martin met us there.  It was great and he did a great job.  The band was all bassoons, so it was a different sound all together.  They performed songs from Les Miserables.  We stopped at Best Buy on the way home and picked the DVD of Les Miserables and Susan and I watched it that night after the kids went to bed.  Worth it.  My BFF is Hugh Jackman.  For reals.

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