Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last One, I Promise

 Yes, I do know what it feels like to have to look at somebody else's vacation slides. (Did I just date myself?)  But even these thousands of photos can't show you all the fun Susan and I had while she was here.  We shopped The Square several times as well as Sam Moon.  Jewelry, people. Cheap jewelry.  And purses.  And wallets and wigs.  Ok, I'll stop now.

So I had to show Henry with his bassoon.. Ok, moving on.
 Vintage Lace and seem binding.  Check.
 Hostess gift from Susan.  Aqua blue BIG Mason jar.  Check.
 $6.00 china casserole dish.  Check.
 Fabulous vintage dinner plate.  Check.
 Only $3.00.  Check, check.
 Another fabulous vintage dinner plate for LESS than $3.00.  Check.
 Vintage linen table runner with hand crocheted edge - $10.00.  Check.
 Quilted gray table runner.  Checkity check.
I should also mention that Susan scored big at the Wisteria Outlet and at several of the shops on the Square.  She also scored a near complete set of vintage silverware.  Gorgeous.  The above is only a sampling of our fun.!
Hayden's reward for following us around for a complete week of power shopping.  While we were in the Paper Source (love that shop), I told him he could pick anything he wanted.

Bingo.  He's in fart heaven and I'm in fart hell.  Just sayin'


  1. Oh, my! I AM related to you because that looks like such fun. Question... what is Susan going to do with the vintage silverware? I have my grandmothers and I don't dare use it, should I? I was thinking of having spoon rings made for my sisters. Ideas?

    1. I was gifted a set from my grandmother as well and we use the heck out of it, especially for special occasions. Susan was looking for a vintage set to use as well. Hers are mostly matching with a few individual pieces. Use them! I can guarantee nobody else has. Silly for china and silver to sit in a drawer forever.

  2. Looks like you guys had so much fun! We should do a sisters week somewhere and have that much fun! I think Hayden scored the best gift!