Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Susan/Sarah Week - Wisteria Wanderings

 Susan and Sarah came to visit.  They arrived Saturday morning.  At. Five. A.M.  We got through it and moved into the real reason for the visit.  Sarah's gymnastics camp.  Henry was having bassoon camp the same week, so that left Susan and Hayden and me to wander a bit.  I believe it was Tuesday when we made it the Wisteria Warehouse.  Up front is their regular priced merchandise from their catalog, and this elephant.
 I was partial to this hanging chair surrounded by beautiful linen fabric.
 There are sheets of paper for sale.
 And scissors and ribbons, oh my.
 In the back is their Flea Market where there are discounted items that are discontinued or dinged and dented a bit.  I could live there.
 We wandered.  We wished and we purchased.  It was magnificent.  We wondered what this elk was doing here.
 May I have a giant urn please, or two or three?
Hayden survived and lived to tell the tale.

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  1. A giant urn? I think I can help you out with that...! haha!