Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jackson Part I

 Because the boys did not bring their dirt bikes with them, we knew we would have to do some day trips and adventures to keep them engaged.  We went to Jackson like we always do.  The boys love the Alpine Slide and we get to see some spectacular views, among other things.
 We did a little hike at a scenic location on The Pass.
 Hayden always brings me a bouquet of some sort.
I got them to pose for me before heading into town.
  We went straight to the Alpine Slide, where they were just closing up as a huge storm was closing in.  The boys were disappointed, so we made a plan to get some ice cream and walk around town to look for souvenirs and come back another day to ride the Slide.  We got ice cream downtown then crossed the street and took pictures with the antlers.
 As the rain came in, we headed indoors.  Hayden was determined to bring home a souvenir.  We actually got stuck in this shop because he was so taken with all the stuffed animals.
 There were about a dozen of these - each with a different theme.  The boys were intrigued.  I was not.
 Everything was fine until this bear attacked Hayden!  He escaped and while he continued to peruse the pelts and pocket knives, I took in some of the wildlife.  It seems that Jackson has very unique and creepy stuff.
 Like this guy.
 Ooh, and this one.
 Oh, my.
I finally found something I would feel comfortable hanging on my wall.  Martin told me he could make one for me so I wouldn't have to pay a million dollars for this one.  So considerate of him.

We had great pizza for dinner then went back to Rexburg.  We checked the weather and decided to go back to Jackson the next day to give the boys their Alpine Slide experience.

More tomorrow.

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