Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jackson Part II

 I know you all have been to Jackson one million times each, but we ended up going three times this trip.  Rain was our enemy.  So bear with me, the story has to be told.  On our second try at the Alpine Slide, we got rained out, so once again, we went downtown and made an adventure.  There is a gallery that I have seen every year when we do the Jackson thing, but I have never even thought of going inside, due to the fact that if looks like I would have to double mortgage my house if one of my children broke something.  This time we went in.  One of the best thing we have ever done.  Dinosaurs.
 More dinosaurs.  This one sells for $350,000.
 There were so many interesting things my boys went nuts.  We were in there for nearly an hour and a half.  This is a moon rock.  From the moon.  Yes, I held it in my hand.
 Then I put it back.  Henry was a little irritated that we would not buy him a six inch meteorite.  It was $550.  No thank you.  Hayden found a cool rock collection to take home.  I got a meteorite necklace.  It didn't cost $550.  Very cool stuff.
Oh, and we saw two moose on the way home.  The end.

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