Friday, August 30, 2013

Mud Lake County Fair

 On Girls' Day, Rochelle and I collected Grandma B. and headed out to meet the girls at the Mud Lake County Fair where Miss Hannah was showing her quilt.  Really, the Fair is about the quilts - and the raspberry pie.  By the way, I was gifted the pie recipe and raspberry liqueur is an ingredient.  Yes, they've been slipping us the sauce, girls.
 Hannah Smarty Pants won a big fancy ribbon, of course.
 And Grandma E. gladly modeled for us.
 Always surprises at the county fair.  I had never before seen turkey eggs.
 Pigs I had seen before.
 But not sheep styling hipper duds than Niecey Hay.
 So sleek.  I'm drooling.

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